Some times ago I had the amazing opportunity to be invited to draw my own version of ELRIC OF MELNIBONE for the volume 3 of the french Comic book (for my friend Julien Blondel and Jean luc Cano) by GLENAT.
a huge thanks to them for their trust and this unique opportunit they gave me.
Always loved this character so be able to add my little stone on it was a real big honor for me.

Done with Zbrush and photoshop
Zbrush for the placement, camera researches, basic lightning in keyshot and photoshop for all the rest.

hope you like.

Gary jamroz palma elric final

Elric on his Throne with Stormbringer.

Gary jamroz palma sketches elric

first researches pass

Gary jamroz palma elric
Gary jamroz palma elric wip
Gary jamroz palma untitled 335

Quick Storbringer in Zbrush/keyshot

Gary jamroz palma elric test cam

camera test

Gary jamroz palma elric 357

grey render for blocking the shapes

Gary jamroz palma elric 70

ruby quick render to have a color guide mainly.