KINGSGLAIVE - Immigrants concept art

In 2015 I had the privilege to work several months on FINAL FANTASY KINGSGLAIVE.
Here is some of the first batch I did for them.
Did tonnes and tonnes of sketches, try out, research focused on those people living outside the city.

I was in charge of designing the outfit of the people and not the faces, they already had done a casting for the actors, this is why
at some exceptions (when I had the face of the actor for example) all the face are really faded and quick painted.

it's been a while I know,
but I totally forgot to upload my concepts but I hope you will enjoy them anyway =)

-Copyright Square Enix-

Gary jamroz palma immigrants male1 release

immigrants male

Gary jamroz palma immigrants female1 release

Immigrants Female

Gary jamroz palma immigrants male2 release

immigrants male 2

Gary jamroz palma immigrants female2 release

Immigrants Female 2

Gary jamroz palma immigrants child old release

Immigrants young and old

Gary jamroz palma pruvia release with ref

Pruvia turn around

Gary jamroz palma pub owner release

Pub/restaurant Owner

Gary jamroz palma pub owner researches release

Restaurant Owner sketches