I have met maybe one of the kind man that I have ever met.
Christopher is that guy who, when you see him you are impressed by what emanates from him. you don't want to piss him of, I assure you that haha!
But in fact he's a really kind and smart man, very humble and always smilling and listenning with attention what you are saying to him.
I was lucky enough to see him the both days of his stay in Paris and to speak for a loooong time with him about his next projects and all.
I have to admit, I'm also a fucking stargate nerd! I'm in love for this franchise since the first film in 1994 and i have never stoped to love the stargate univers and i'm dying to work one days on it (hope the franchise will survive)
so met christopher AKA TEAL'C was priceless
I have made for him this painting, it's a prestigious jaffa armor, I have redesign some part of it to be more fonctionnal and to reflect his hight rank in the free jaffa nation...if you don't like stargate you will not understand what i'm talking about but neverminds :)