Undistressed Damsel - the Widowmaker

Second character for my personnal project : UNDISTRESSED DAMSEL : A tale of Iron Maiden.

it's a project about strong women, not the kind to seek for help.

here is the background of this Shieldmaid.

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Her name was lost and forgotten years ago.
Now she’s only known as the Valkyrie or the Widowmaker. All depend if she fights beside or against you.

Her story is very tragic like many stories in the grand North. She was a loved wife and mother of a 11 years old girl. Her husband was a proud but loving farmer.
She lived in one of the peaceful clan of his land but she was also known for her nurse abilities on the battlefield.
After a raid on severals lands she came back with her friends and brother in arms to find that her village has been turned to ashes by a rival clan during their absence.
She ran to her house to find his husband brutally killed and mutilated and her daughter raped and slaughtered.

After that she became mad and filled of vengeance. She travelled to one of the strongest and fierce clan in the cold fjord and became a Skjaldmö, a Shield Maid.
She trained her mind and her body again and again during five years, she learned to kill, she learned to provide pain to her enemies and she learned to like it. The nurse in her was dead the day she lost her family.

after these five year, she left the fjord to find, hunt and kill, every men of the clan who attacked her village and ruined her life.
her hunt last for 3 years but eventually she did it, one by one, and after killed each man responsible for the death of her loved ones, she went to their families to bring them their heads.

the only words she ever prononce are like death to those who hear it
- " I will kiss your childs for you tonight when you come down to see Hella"
and the cowards dies with the certitude of her killing his family after him, that’s what she wanted, and even she kept her dead words, she never harmed them.

Now that her vengeance is fulfil, she understood that she can't turn back on the path she’s created years ago, so, now, she’s a fierce and lone merc, fighting with her shield and her two-handed hammer.

her name came from several tales and legends that you hear near the fire, people said they saw her, breaking the skull of a giant in one perfect strike…but there is no such things like giants, right ?