VAMPYR - William Marshall

Had no time to do some character on VAMPYR but I managed to keep some time to do THIS character.
I will not spoil you who he is but I had a blast doing it even It's not fully polished/rendered.

final character was done by the character team : Remi LUIZY and Gabriel Lemaire.

at the end you will find some research for the strigoï, If I recall this one were cut from the game.

Now , since VAMPYR is released since more than 3 weeks, I'm allowed to show you some of the stuff I did during the production of this game.
It was a really though production but we did it.
Kudos to my awesome team!

Gary jamroz palma marshal researches

William Marshal concept line art

Gary jamroz palma william marshall face

William Marshall face (hairless for the chara team)

Gary jamroz palma marshal final

the glamour of concept art PART III

Gary jamroz palma strygoi researches

Strigoï researches.