Design test phase

here is some designs exploration based on one Zbrush model that I have made earlier during my teaching class at NEW3DGE.
It was to show to my students the fact that 3D (both for characters and environments) can be used as a guide to improve your designs researches and the fact that you don't have to be afraid to break it to find new exciting possibilities.
as a 2D concept artist, 3D is here to help me in my design process and What I wanted to teach them is that you don't have to follow blindly what you have made in 3D, you need to think beyond this point and try to keep searching for interesting ideas, even if you spent a lot of hours building your 3D assets.
Use it as a base, a guide, don't be affraid to think "outside the box"

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Test designs1
Test designs2
Test designs4
Test designs base

Zbrush base model

Test designs3